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Feel free to browse the website. Click on the Q & A section and read some of the questions that have been submitted. We hope that the answers will encourage you in your faith walk in Christ.
We also have The Word Walk School of Ministry. Classes have started, and you can enroll at anytime! I am very excited and blessed to be a part of what the Lord is doing, and will do, as we submit to His leadership, in and through, the Holy Spirit. For more information, call us today at (559) 579-5200, and get enrolled…this will change your life! 
If you are interested in making a commitment to enter into ministry, such as a Pastor/Teacher, Evangelist, Elder, Deacon, or Lay Leadership, or maybe you’re just wanting to learn more about the Bible and your walk with Christ, we provide for you a well rounded foundation of Biblical teaching that will adequately equip you for the work of the ministry.
These courses offered are on the same level as a Bible College. They will be taught thoroughly, but simply and practically…everyone can learn with an open heart, but you need to be a serious student. These courses are certified courses that will enhance your ministry in whatever function of ministry you may desire to enter into.
Contact us today for more information. You may also e-mail me at rbherrera@thewordwalk.org. If you have been desiring to move into what you feel the Lord has called you to, take that first step, and see what the Lord can and will do through you. Start today at The Word Walk School of Ministry in Selma or Fresno!
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Rafael Bastien-Herrera
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John 3:30